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Reasons I Am Passionate About Being a Sleep Consultant

Dr. Lisa Ryan, DNP FNP-C, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I was recently asked: “Why are you passionate about being a sleep consultant? What’s your story?” I realized I talk about this all the time, but I don’t think I have created a post with that summed up! So here goes.

I love working with children. I love working with families, and I love my sleep. I mean, who doesn’t? Sleep is vital to staying healthy. As I am sure many of you have experienced, I have had my fair share of days where I do not sleep enough or go to bed late. I remember college staying up for exams or finals, throughout grad school trying to balance working as a nurse and getting my doctorate degree, and the newborn days when days and nights were mixed up. Yes, as a sleep consultant, I experienced the day vs night mix up as well. It is biologically normal (but more on that in a different post).

On those days after I didn't sleep, I always found that I was more irritable, less patient, and struggled to stay on top of things. My stress levels were up and my ability to function to the degree I wanted to was near impossible.

Once I started working as a nurse practitioner in pediatrics, I realized just how impactful infant and toddler sleep is to their mental health and development as well as the mental health of the rest of the family (Mom and Dad, I am talking about you too!). During my 15 minute well checks in the pediatric office, I wanted to share every chunk of knowledge I had with every patient and family experiencing trouble with sleep. I found that I couldn't do it! There simply wasn't enough time.

Let’s be realistic, that isn’t possible to do when I am also asking about eating, development, physical exam, answering concerns etc.

I knew my patients deserved this, and I did not have a resource to send them to that had the same educational level and experience I have. I mean, I’ve spent the past 12 years learning about children’s health and development. I knew this warranted someone who had that much knowledge to guide my patients towards healthy sleep habits. I couldn't find anyone I was comfortable sending them to.

So... I became that person. I am that doctor level of support geared directly towards your child's sleep.

I made the jump to finding a way to empower families to achieve the sleep goals they have in mind for their children. I now get to spend as much time as is needed with the families I work with to obtain developmentally appropriate sleep that accomplishes their goals.

Every family has different goals, and that is okay! As a parent, you need to be ready to make the change. If you aren’t, it's likely you aren’t going to be successful.

What about being a nurse practitioner?

On the side, I still work as a nurse practitioner providing mental health support and general wellness support to adults. Some may think this is not relevant, however it ties in very closely! I work with new parents (as well as other adults) and help them through anxiety provoking periods in life, stress, depression etc. As a new parent, the hormones going through your body (Mom's I am talking about you) can cause major swings in mood. I know how to support you while supporting your baby.

I use my years of training, past and ongoing experience, and continuing education to provide the support that will be successful because it is based on science.

I have become a valuable resource for pediatricians to send their patients to me. Pediatricians and other healthcare professionals even come to me to help them get their kids sleeping through the night!

I love what I do

There is no “one size fits all” model to healthcare and this applies to sleep too.

That right there is how Sleep Catcherzzz was born. I cannot wait to share my passion with you when we work together.

I am struggling. What's next?

Don't hesitate. Reach out today to schedule your free consult call. We will pick out the best package that works for your family.

*All services I provide through Sleep Catcherzzz LLC are non-medical. Please continue to bring your child to their medical provider for any concerns.

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