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Newborn Sleep Help

Birth- 4 Months

Mother and Baby

Self Paced Newborn Course

Investment: $100

In this narrated course with over 1.5 hours of video content  I will teach you how to start your newborn off on the right foot with healthy sleep habits from day 1.  


This program can be started anytime within the first 4 months after birth. 

Take this course if you are looking for an easier way of getting your child to sleep.  As a new parent there is a lot of information out there regarding your child's sleep.


This course will highlight the most important areas of focus.  I explain each area in detail from the perspective of an experienced Nurse Practitioner and parent.

Image by Jenna Norman

3 One to One Calls

Do you have specific questions that you would like to discuss 1:1? Do you have a unique situation you would like to go over?

Maybe you are struggling with a nap transition and you want to discuss the best way to make the change. 

You can use these 3 calls any time during the first 4 months after purchase. 

This package is designed to be an optional addition to the Self Paced Newborn Course.  You cannot use this package if you have not completed the course. 

Investment: $180

Sleep Catcherzzz LLC does not offer medical advice, services, or treatment to it's clients.
If you are concerned about a medical issue related to your child we urge you to contact your child's pediatrician or other qualified medical professional immediately.

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