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Mastering Newborn Sleep: A Comprehensive Guide


Congratulations on the beginning of a rewarding sleep journey with your newborn! In this narrated course with over 1.5 hours of video content, I will teach you how to start your newborn off on the right foot with healthy sleep habits from day 1. This program can be started anytime within the first 4 months after birth. Remember, if your child was born premature, go off of their adjusted age to determine if this course is appropriate for them. Take this course if you are looking for an easier way of getting your child to sleep. As a new parent there is a lot of information out there regarding your child's sleep. This course will highlight the most important areas of focus. I explain each area in detail from the perspective of an experienced Nurse Practitioner and parent. You will have access to the course for 4 months from the date you start it. Initially you must complete watching a video and click the "complete step" button before the next step is unlocked for viewing. After you have completed all of the steps you can jump to any specific step you like using the main program menu. This course is designed to be used as reference material moving forward.



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