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Happy Baby

Welcome to Your Child's Journey Back to Sleep

Guiding your child towards healthy sleep with personalized sleep plans for infants and toddlers. I am so excited to meet you.

Who I Am

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Hey! I am Lisa. I am a Mom to a beautiful son, wife, family nurse practitioner, and a certified pediatric sleep consultant. I am here to help you teach your child to sleep with the gentlest method suitable for you and your child. What makes me different than other sleep consultants? My plans are designed to empower you to make the changes while being as supportive as you need.  I build each plan based off not only your child's needs but your needs as their parent. You shouldn't have to figure this out on your own. Let me take the guesswork out of it for you. Let my experience help you so you can stop dreading naps and bedtime and feel confident in your child's sleep. 

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Sleepy Baby

The Process

Each journey begins with a 15-minute introductory phone call. During this phone call, you get to know me, and I get to know you. We will discuss your child’s sleep needs and your personal expectations. You will learn more about me and how I will create a customized sleep plan geared towards your child, your expectations, and your needs. This customized sleep plan allows me to take the guesswork out of your child’s sleep. With all this information, together we will pick out a package that best suits your needs and set you up on a plan to achieve your goals.

Custom Sleep Packages

Let me demystify your child's sleep.

30 Minute Phone Call

Do you feel like you pretty much mastered most of your child’s sleep, but have a few questions to make sure you are on the right track for your family? Do you feel like you need advice but do not need extended support? Have you graduated from a previous package and now find yourself in a new and unique situation that you are unsure how to navigate? My 30-minute phone calls are ideal for you! These calls are a way for you to get a few pointers that are geared towards your unique situation. Remember, these calls do not include any written supporting documents.

Custom Support Packages

Are you confused about your child’s sleep? Are you struggling to navigate wake windows, nap lengths, or bedtime? Is your little one experiencing early morning wake ups or taking a long time to fall asleep? Would you like someone to take the guesswork out of your child’s daily routine for you? Do you want better night time sleep? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, my customized sleep packages are ideal for you! I offer varying length support packages based on your child's age. Packages include a customized sleep plan geared towards your family’s needs and email support.

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When it came to sleep training, Lisa was such a life saver! We highly recommend her to anyone struggling with children in this area! After getting a detailed history, she was able to formulate a sleep plan specifically for our daughter! Lisa guided us every step of the way and never hesitated to answer any of our questions! She has a very personal approach which catered to the specific personality traits and needs of our daughter, and is why we believe we were so successful in such a short period of time! Her gentle sleep training process and constant support made the whole process a rewarding and successful experience."

Tanya and Sean

Sleep Catcherzzz LLC does not offer medical advice, services, or treatment to its clients.
If you are concerned about a medical issue related to your child we urge you to contact your child's pediatrician or other qualified medical professional immediately.

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